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Balentino was established in 1990 and have steadily grown over the years. For the products we sell, we have overtaken our competitors and now enjoy a big market. Balentino provides quality service and products and employs modern marketing techniques.

Our products are marketed locally under our own brand Balentino which is registered under the Trademarks Acts, 1976 in Malaysia.

Our products are manufactured in our plant in the Northern State of Kedah Malaysia where only high end machines are used. Investment in this plant to date is at RM1,000,000.00 and we continue to invest in latest machinery to provide the highest quality.

The machine operators are all highly skilled with many years working experience with us. All our products are made of PVC and genuine leather, imported from selected countries known for their quality and durability. Our monthly production output is 15,000 to 20,000 pieces, depending on the complexity of the product designs.

Having successfully marketed our products locally, we have turned to exports in the last few years. And the export business has been growing. For exports we provide distribution of our brand name, OEM or Contract manufacturing services. We have the expertise to manufacture products to customers' designs and specifications using buyers' labels/brands. Buyers can also choose to select from our wide and attractive design range. This range is constantly updated. Our team of 10 design specialists frequently travel overseas to main fashion centers to study the latest designs and colour trends, for our own product development.

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